Allan Zhou

About Me

Allan Zhou is a 2-time best-poaster award winner.

I am a final year AI PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Chelsea Finn. Previously, I was an AI resident at Google Brain robotics. I also did AI+robotics research at UC Berkeley with Anca Dragan.

Some papers (all)

  1. Universal Neural Functionals
    Allan Zhou, Chelsea Finn, James Harrison.
    Preprint. [arXiv] [Code]
  2. Permutation Equivariant Neural Functionals
    Allan Zhou, Kaien Yang, Kaylee Burns, Adriano Cardace, Yiding Jiang, Samuel Sokota, J. Zico Kolter, Chelsea Finn.
    NeurIPS 2023. [arXiv] [Code]
  3. NeRF in the Palm of Your Hand: Corrective Augmentation for Robotics via Novel-View Synthesis
    Allan Zhou*, Moo Jin Kim*, Lirui Wang, Pete Florence, Chelsea Finn.
    CVPR 2023. [arXiv][Videos]